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AV Connectors

Available from stock are our audio video connectors including HDMI Adaptors, coaxial f-type connectors and BNC connectors. These are ideal for use with our range of HDMI and coaxial cables and provide a quick and easy termination solution.

AV Connectors



RG6 BNC male connectors which simply screw on to the prepared cable, and are supplied as the connector body and centre pin. Only suitable for RG6 and MF100 75ohm type coaxial cables but also available as an F-Type connector.


RG59 BNC Male crimp connectors supplied in packs of 10 as the connector body, centre pin and crimping collar.  Suitable for RG59 75ohm coaxial cable but also available for RG6 and MF100 type cables.


An RG6 F-Type Male compression connector making easy fast terminations of coaxial cable with the relevant tools, suitable for RG6 and MF100 75ohm type coaxial cable supplied in packs of 10.


All our AV Connectors are designed by experienced engineers with years of development in AV connections.


All factories are audited on an annual basis with every product going through strict quality controls.


Our engineers run many tests through dedicated equipment to ensure products meet our desired performance.


All our packaging has been designed from scratch to remove the need for any single use plastic.


With our commitment to packaging, you can be assured that all waste left over from your product is bio-degradable.

Over to you

With all this, we hope you enjoy the aura generated by our product from the moment it arrives with you.

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Download a catalogue for AV Connectors here

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