AR-05-004 Aura DisplayPort Cable V1.2 4K 5Mtr to 10Mtr Gold Plated Male-Male

AR-05-001 Aura DisplayPort Cable V1.2 4K 5Mtr to  10Mtr Gold Plated Male-Male.

AR-05-004 DisplayPort Cable V1.2 4K 5Mtr
AR-05-005 DisplayPort Cable V1.2 4K 10Mtr
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AR-05-004 Aura DisplayPort Cable V1.3 4K 5Mtr Gold Plated Male-Male. The aura range of DisplayPort Cables are a high quality fully shielded OFC copper cable product. These Premium DisplayPort cables are made using 28 AWG copper cores with similar shielding ensuring strong signal abilities and good protection against outside interference. Connectors are robustly constructed with gold plated contacts. Insulation of the cables is a TPE outer sheath also providing greater flexibility. Meet DisplayPort standard V1.4.

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