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Aura AV Cables

A host of essential AV cables for all installs including Audio cables phono & Jack, DisplayPort cables, Speaker Cables, USB Cables and VGA Cables. These compliment our range of HDMI Cables and Euro Module Face plates to provide everything needed for the installer, provided in plastic free packaging.


These Premium Jack and phono audio cables are made using 28 AWG copper conductors with matching shielding ensuring good conductor abilities and very good protection against outside interference. Made with robust metal plugs.

These Premium DisplayPort cables are made using 28 AWG copper cores with similar shielding ensuring strong signal abilities and good protection against outside interference, performing at 8K resolution up to 3m.

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A range of two core and four core speaker cables in both white and pink all rated as E Class CPR. These are all suited for 4ohm, 8ohm or 100v speakers systems and come supplied on 100m reels in plastic free packaging.


A range of USB version 2.0 and USB Version 3.0 data cables with Type A and Type B ends up to 5M. Also available are Active USB extender cables for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, and USB 2.0 extender over Cat6 for 50m lengths.

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