Multipair Screened Cables

Excel multipair 7/0.2 screened cables are manufactured with stranded tinned copper conductors and have an overall screen, complete with a stranded drain wire. They are available in a range of configurations from 4 core up to 10 core in grey or white and a range of lengths. These multipair cables are suitable for a number of applications, including security, telemetry, POS and telecommunications.

Multipair Screened


A range of Multipair overall Screened Cables available in a range of lengths.

Mutlipair overall foil screened cable including Type 9501, Type 9502, Type 9503, Type 9504 and Type 9506 in grey either as 1m cut lengths or 100m Reels.


All our Multicore cables are designed by experienced engineers with years of development behind them in control, alarm and multicore cables.


All factories are audited on an annual basis with every product going through strict quality controls.


Our engineers run many tests through dedicated equipment and calibration machines to ensure products meet our desired performance.

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With all this, we hope you enjoy the aura generated by our product from the moment it arrives with you.

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