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Office AV Solutions

Our Aura range of AV products contains a whole host of items for commercial and office AV installations from TV Brackets, HDMI extenders to HDMI cables and speaker wall plates. Here is a brief introduction to what’s on offer.

TV Brackets

A whole range of close to the wall or full motion TV brackets for any size TV and installation available from Aura.

4K HDMI Extenders

These products support an range of functions including 4K 60Hz to 70m, 4k 30Hz to 120m and HDMI USB KVM.


Active HDMI Cable for superior performance

Aura Active 4K HDMI Cables are a high-quality OFC copper cable product featuring an active HDMI Chipset.

A whole range of quality Laptop USB-C Adaptors and Convertors to provide quick easy and reliable connections to all types of interfaces from a single USB-C Port.



All our HDMI products are designed by experienced engineers with years of development behind them in 4K 60Hz 4:4:4 HDMI Cables.


All factories are audited on an annual basis with every product going through strict quality controls.


Our engineers run many tests through dedicated equipment and calibration machines to ensure products meet our desired performance.


All our packaging has been designed from scratch to remove the need for any single use plastic.


With our commitment to single use plastic free packaging, you can be assured that all waste left over from your product is bio-degradable.

Over to you

With all this, we hope you enjoy the aura generated by our product from the moment it arrives with you.

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